Principle is Not Bound By Precedent

Thomas Troward

Jami Alley is a self-described Spiritual Adventurer; deeply exploring every aspect of Spirituality and Divine connection that resonates with her, both inwardly and outwardly.  As such, during a Spiritual pilgrimage to Brazil in 2016, Jami had what she can only describe as a mystical experience of awakening.  During this experience she was reminded of long forgotten memories of early childhood connections with her “Guide Team”. She was also advised in detail during this experience about her future in this lifetime and her role, in service to humanity.


Since this experience, Jami has completely transformed her life and way of being. She continues to receive multiple downloads of information from her “Guide Team” daily and has been taught, by them, how to interpret the information they provide and how to utilize the information to assist those who find their way to her for guidance. 


With this, on a daily basis, Jami collaborates with Spiritual seekers, awakened teachers and intentional partners to bring forward the message of the evolution of humanity; the shift from fear-based living to living from the heart.


Nowadays, when asked about the happenings of her life, Jami Alley can often be heard responding, “I’m following the breadcrumbs” and “I can’t wait to see what happens next!”.  She is a woman who is gratefully living the inspired life of her dreams, in service to humanity.


Specifically, Jami currently serves by utilizing her intuitive connection to coach individuals, families and groups through transitions; including major life changes, career transitions, relationship changes, medical diagnoses, end of life transitions, and business evolutions.


Jami is also a licensed Spiritual Practitioner at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado and can frequently be found there, in service to this beloved congregation.


Additionally, Jami is a licensed real estate agent and real estate investor in the state of Colorado. She tunes in to her intuitive guidance to coach Clients through the process of realizing their real estate dreams, often as a component to a much larger picture of living a heart-centered life.


Jami also holds a Civil Engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines. For more than a decade, she has utilized her expertise in this area as a contractor to the US Department of Energy - Office of Indian Energy to assist federally recognized Indian Tribes and Native Villages across the United States in the realization of their energy visions for their communities.